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IWonder, a collection of safe, reliable websites handpicked by Ohio school librarians to support student exploration and Ohio’s Learning Standards in grades 3-9, is now available to all Ohio schools courtesy of INFOhio, Ohio’s preK-12 digital library.

Online practice to find and fix missing skills and retain learning in all subject areas.

K-3 resources for parents and students, including games and educational videos. 

"Founded in 1999, BrainPOP creates animated, curricular content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement." 

Spanish version of BrainPop with all the same educational resources and games to support students and parents.

Online math practice to reinforce standards and skills taught in the classroom.

Site's mission is to help kids love numbers so they can handle the math in real life.

Math games to improve fact fluency.

Site to help kids master basic math facts.


Resource to find books based on your child's lexile level and interest. A great resource when you visit the library to find reading books for your child.

Online literacy resource that pairs classic video storybooks from Weston Woods with related nonfiction eBooks from Scholastic. There are videos, games and websites to reinforce reading skills. 

Contains three sections that focus on critical areas of learning for students in early elementary grades (2nd & 3rd grade). Stories, interactive games and videos that focus on early reading skills.



INFOhio Online Testing Resources

Technology resources to prepare for online assessments. 

Practice testing site for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science & Social Studies assessments


Test Talk for Parents-Understanding Ohio's State Tests

Third Grade Reading Guarantee Family Resources


Ohio Department of Education Family Resources

Parent Toolkit: general resource for parents to understand the standards for each grade