About Monroe Elementary

Monroe Elementary School is the educational focus in the city of Monroe and in Lemon Township. With a population of approximately 1100 students, Monroe Elementary educates children in grades two through six.

Monroe Elementary staff, students and community are committed to the engagement of learners and increasing student achievement. Students work toward mastery in each subject area through the implementation of the ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies state adopted curriculum.

The PTO plays an important part in the educational programming at Monroe Elementary. Through various fund raisers; student programs, materials and incentives are purchased for the students. The Happy Hornet Positive Behavior Program continues to encourage students to make appropriate decisions. At Monroe Elementary we always focus on Being Respectful, Being Responsible, Being a Problem Solver & Being Prepared!

Please visit any of the links below to see the building's state report card data. This is always one year behind due to test results not being released until the summer. 

Ohio Department of Education Site

MES Report Card 2018-19.pdf

MES Report Card 2017-18.pdf

MES Report Card 2016-17.pdf

MES Report Card 2015-16.pdf

MES Report Card 2014-15.pdf

MES Report Card 2013-14.pdf

MES Report Card 2012-13.pdf

MES Report Card 2011-12.pdf

MES Report Card 2010-11.pdf