Important FAFSA Information

Now that it is January, you can officially begin filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 

If you are interested in going to college, or a trade/career school, you NEED to fill this out!!Over $150 billion is given to students in grants (free $), work-study funds, and loans each year..but you are only eligible to receive this by filling out the FAFSA.
Even if you are not 100% sure if you are going to attend college or trade school, go ahead and fill it out to be safe! 

This link on the Guidance Webpage has many valuable FAFSA resources to help you fill out the FAFSA form:  
College Goal Sunday is a FREE event located at Miami University Hamilton on February 14th at 2pm where financial aid professionals can meet with students and parents to help them fill out the FAFSA. 
Students who are unfamiliar with the FAFSA or would like assistance in filling it out are highly recommended to attend this event.


Check out  to learn more about the FAFSA, inlcuding:

  • Why you should fill out the FAFSA
  • When to fill out the FAFSA
  • Getting an early estimate of your aid
  • How to fill out the FAFSA
  • What happens after you fill out the FAFSA