New hours at Monroe Elementary and Monroe Primary

Unfortunately, we did not build in enough time for our buses to run their routes between the high school drop off time and the elementary/primary student pick up times.  In order to accomodate the extra time needed it is necessary to shift the elementary and primary schools schedules back 15 minutes.

Effective, Tuesday, September 8, 2015, new school times will be:

Monroe Elementary - 8:45am till 3:45pm

   (car rider drop off starting at 8:30am)

   (car rider pickup time at 3:45)

Monroe Primary - 8:55 till 3:55

   (car rider drop off beginning at 8:40am)

   (car rider pickup time at 3:50)

AM preschool - 8:55 - 11:25  

PM preschool -1:25pm - 3:55

Morning pick-up times for bus riders will not change.

In the afternoon buses will run a few minutes later. 

Junior/Senior High School hours will not change.