Kindergarten Staggered Start

Monroe Primary Kindergarten starts on a staggered start. 1/3 of the class will come on Monday August 17th, these students will not return until Thursday, August 20th. Another 1/3 will come on Tuesday August 18th, these students will return to school on the 20th. The final 1/3 of the class will attend on Wednesday, August 19th.  All kindergarten students will attend on August 20th all together.  Please refer to the mailing that you received on Aug7th or call to verify your child's  start date.

Parents are welcome to meet their child at school when they get off the bus, or drive their child to school on their first day.  Parents will be permitted to walk their child to class on their first day to take a quick photo. Please be considered of the school day start time and remember class begins at 8:40.  At this time, all parents will need to exit  the building so the school day can begin.


It is important to establish a routine with your child from the first day with riding the bus and with car rider drop-off and pic- up.  Please make sure that a note is sent to school alerting the teacher of any changes in  your child's routine.