Senior Personal Yearbook AD

It’s hard to believe, but in just a few short months your students’ stay at Monroe High School will be nothing more than a memory. Senior Ads are a tradition among graduating students that let them know how much they are cared for. You know your child is amazing—why not share that with them in the 2014-2015 yearbook? You have the opportunity to let them know how proud of them you are. Your recognition ad will be printed and remembered forever! By purchasing a ½ page space in the back of the book, you can tell your senior how special they are with your own pictures and in your own words.

     Making your ad is simple. Just , fill it out, include the pictures you’d like to use (either a hard copy or email), and submit a payment (cash or check made out to Monroe High School). Have the form, payment and pictures returned to Mrs. Frye by Thursday, April 30th. If you have any questions or would like to email pictures instead of submitting hard copies, please email Mrs. Frye at