Staffing Considerations for Monroe Local Schools

Staffing Considerations for Monroe Local Schools

In an effort to avoid being identified as a school district in fiscal emergency, our board of education saved more than 1.4 million dollars by eliminating 31 staffing positions in the spring of 2012.  After struggling by at the basic State minimum employment standards for two years, we were released from fiscal emergency this past September.  

Our school board helped address some of our most critical instructional needs by hiring some positions in the summer of 2014.  We employed three primary teachers, three special education teachers, a high school and junior high school teacher.  We also added a school psychologist and an elementary speech pathologist.  Even after adding those positions, our expenditure per pupil remains very low.  Monroe Local Schools would have to spend over $2,000.00 per student (more than five million dollars) just to get to the State average of spending for next school year.

We are currently in the process of identifying positions to bring back to our instructional program next school year.  Our board members will consider recommendations at a special board meeting on Monday, February 23.  That meeting will start at 6:00 in our high school media center.  The public is welcome to attend.

Some of the proposals that will be considered:

  • Reinstate art,music and physical education at the primary and elementary schools
  • Reinstate the district curriculum director position
  • Reinstate guidance/administration at junior/senior high schools
  • Increase the number of electives offered at the junior/senior high schools
  • Reinstate art/music at the junior high
  • Hire additional teachers for gifted students.
  • Hire additional intervention teachers for English Language Learners and Special Education
  • Reinstate a guidance counselor at the elementary and primary schools

If you would like to let your board members know your thoughts before the meeting, their phone numbers and email addresses are listed under the district tab on the front page of our district website.