Lay Up's for Lauren a Huge Success

A Huge Shout of Thanks!!

Scott Decker, Melissa Giffen, Nancy Stratton, LeAnn Peck, Seth Darrell, Eric Wellman, Corry Thompson, Jeff Terbush, Dr. Cagwin and Officer Jackson for taking the shot!!  You all were brave and awesome!!!
Thanks also to Chief Buchanan of the Monroe Police Department for being willing to play the role of "Security" during the layups competition.  What a great asset to our community - welcome to Monroe, Chief!
Thanks to Team Inspire students, JV cheerleaders and Mr. Brinkman and the pep band for adding so much!!
Jesse Cantazaro, thank you for helping with organizing and publicity for this event!
Lastly, thanks to Cincinnati Red's former pitcher, Tom Browning and his son Trevor, for giving up their evening to come help make the night just that more special.  He is a truly nice guy!!  Completely volunteered his time.
We are so proud to call Monroe our school, our community, our home!!!