Parents in Education Survey

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Parents In Education Survey

Partners in Education is a newly formed group of parents, community members and teachers whose focus is on creating an inclusive positive school culture by tapping into community, parent and school resources. This organization is for parents of students who are in grades 7-12. Parents of current 6th grade students are also invited to participate in an effort to support the transitional needs of these students as they move from the elementary to the junior high.
Would you like to be a Partner?
Partners In Education is a newly formed parent group for the Monroe Jr./Sr. High. An informal opportunity to be involved in your child's education. Parents and staff are forming a group that can reach out for support, resources, suggestions, etc. Are you able to contribute to classroom activities and/or play a more hands on role in the education of students?
Prioritizing potential improvements for your child/children that you would like the school to address.
Number the level of priority from 1 Low to 5
Extra Curricular Help
Organization Help 
Technology Help
What are the most effective ways to communicate school news with you as the parent/guardian?
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How often do you check Progress Book?
Would you be interested in participating in a parent advocacy group for Jr/Sr High parents?
Parents helping parents
What grade(s) do you have a child or children in at the Jr/Sr High?
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In which of the following ways would you like to be involved in your child's school experience?
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Please feel free to add any other suggestions or concerns for your child/children.
Example: I need help logging in to Progress Book.