Congratulations to our new Safety Patrol Member!

With over 88 students applying for Safety Patrol, it was very difficult to choose this year's patrol. The criteria for selection included the safety patrol test, grades, attendance, teacher recommendations and a paragraph about why they would like to be on safety patrol. There were so many great candidates, but with limited patrol areas 23 students were chosen for this honor. They will be recognized at the board meeting on Monday, September 15th. Congratulations to the following students:

Brooke B., Alyssa B., Rylan C., Emily C., Collin D., Will D., Erin D., Carter E., Jackson F., Brooke F., Jacob G., Zachary H., Noah K., Solomon M., Ryan M., Emma O., Morgan Q., Ellie R., Austin R., Selah R., Brianna S., Lilian V., Halle W.