2014 Prom

Monroe High School Junior Class presents "Forever for Tonight" Friday, April 25th from 8:00Pm-Midnight at Lake Lyndsay Lodge.  Ticket information and prices are as follows..March 21-27 $40.00 each, April 7-11 $45.00, April 14-17 $50.00 each, April 21-24 $55.00 each.  **Students must be a Junior or Senior at MHS to buy tickets.  Dress code is formal, ladies wear dresses and gentlemen wear coat and tie.  Guests must be at least in the 9th grade but no older than twenty.  Guests from other schools must return a signed permission slip form.  Students must arrive at Prom by 9:00PM or parents will be contacted.  Students may not leave until completion of crowning ceremony which begins at 11:15PM.  Absolutely NO tickets will be sold after Thursday, April 24th!!  Tickets can be purchased before and after school in the H.S. rotunda.  Directions and tickets will be handed out Friday, April 25th at the beginning of 5th period in the auditorium.  THIS MEANS STUDENTS MUST BE IN SCHOOL ON THE MORNING OF APRIL 25TH AND MUST HAVE A PARENTAL NOTE TO SIGN OUT EARLY.  THERE WILL BE NO SIGN OUTS PRIOR TO THE PROM MEETING.