Calamity Days Update

Monday, March 3, was the eighth calamity day for the Monroe Local School District.  Current State law allows districts to waive five school days for reasons of calamity.  Currently both the House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate have proposed bills to provide school districts some relief in the required number of make-up days for school districts.  Unfortunately, as of today, they have been unable to reach agreement in how to address the unusually high number of calamity days across the State.

By a vote of 56-39, the Ohio House on Wednesday, February 26, refused to concur with the Senate version of Amended Substitute House Bill (HB) 416, which would have provided schools additional excused calamity days.

Since the House did not concur with the Senate changes, a conference committee must resolve differences. The committee members were named late Wednesday afternoon. While it is anticipated that the conference committee will meet sometime this week, full voting sessions of the House and Senate are not currently scheduled until March 12.

At the January regular school board meeting, the Monroe Board of Education approved our proposal of a plan to provide “Blizzard Bags” to students as an alternative to making up days at the end of our school year.  Those plans were approved by the Ohio State Board of Education in February.  We have decided not to implement that plan until our legislators in Columbus decide what they are going to do.  We expect a decision to be made on or shortly after March 12.  . 

Let’s all hope that Spring weather will soon be here!