Closing and Delay Information

In order to best communicate changes to the school day, the district is once again utilizing an automatic calling service. Please follow the directions below to set up your information.


Each family can have up to four telephone numbers and four email/text message addresses.  In an emergency the message will be delivered to all of your numbers and email addresses.  For non-urgent messages, only your primary number will be called.  Families that wish to include up to three additional phone numbers and four additional email and/or text message addresses for emergency announcements, may do so on the web by first calling the Prek-12 Notification Parent Hotline at 1-800-846-4976 to setup a pin code.  For security reasons, you must call from your Primary phone number to manage your personal emergency contact list.  Once your PIN is set, you can manage your information by going to  Use your primary phone number as the Login ID as well as the PIN you created on the phone.  If you miss the message, you can call the number above and have the message repeated.

Just a reminder:


PLAN A means:    2-hour delay for Jr./Sr. High School


                             (9:40 – 2:45)




                             1-hour delay for Elementary School


                             (10:30 – 3:40)




                             1-hour delay for Primary School


                             (10:20 – 3:30)