Statement on Social Media Post

On April 22, 2021, administrators became aware that two Monroe High School students posted an inappropriate video on social media reenacting George Floyd’s death. When high school administrators became aware of the video, an investigation began immediately. The original video has been taken down, but images from the video are still circulating on social media. 

Although we cannot disclose what disciplinary actions are being taken, please know we will not tolerate these inappropriate behaviors and actions in our schools. One of our core beliefs as a district is that caring relationships must be anchored in honesty, empathy, and respect. We commit to fostering an inclusive educational environment where each person, student, and staff, feel a sense of belonging and are treated with dignity regardless of skin color, gender, sexual identity or orientation, religion, ability, or disability.

The trial and verdict in the death of George Floyd have created a variety of emotions–anxiety, fear, and anger. As educators, it is our responsibility to support and empower students through these challenging times. We are here to listen, challenge their thinking, and give them the tools they need to thrive in a diverse world and make it a better place.