Calamity Day Update

As of February 19, 2021, Monroe Local School District has used three of five allotted calamity days. If inclement weather prevents Monroe from being in school, the district will use the two remaining calamity days. Once all five calamity days are used, the district will move to remote learning for any weather-related closures. With this option to transition to remote learning, the school year will not be extended if we exceed these five calamity days.

The City of Monroe has informed the community and the school district that they have limited salt to treat our roads and residential areas and will not be treated and cleared at the same level as residents are accustomed. While Monroe School District campuses may be ready to receive staff and students safely, the community roadways may not be deemed safe, which will be a significant factor in the consideration to delay or close school. Please know school district officials are staying in communication with the city regularly on this matter.