Driving Safety Reminders from Monroe’s SROs

The intersection at Yankee Road and Hornet Drive has been increasingly dangerous this school year. One of the biggest issues is drivers on Yankee Road traveling north or turning right onto Hornet Drive who stop to allow vehicles driving south to turn left onto Hornet Drive or let vehicles turn left on Yankee Road from Hornet Drive. Please do not stop on Yankee Road to allow vehicles to turn in or out of the driveway. We know that drivers are being courteous, but this creates a traffic hazard and causes even more congestion. According to traffic law, you must come to a complete stop at any stop sign. Do not stop on a right turn where there is no stop sign (even if you are trying to be courteous) and yield on any lefthand turn to all oncoming traffic.

Additionally, please watch for students and adults in the parking lot and crosswalks when you arrive and leave school grounds. We ask everyone to be mindful of their speed, especially during busy times.

We appreciate your efforts to keep everyone safe. Please contact Officer Myers or Officer Jackson, Monroe’s School Resource Officers, if you have any questions at 513-265-6544.