What is My Bus Time?

If you are searching for your bus stop and time, please check out the Petermann Bus Tracker App and Site.


The Transportation Department is no longer posting all bus stop times and locations that are viewable publicly online.  The Bus Tracker App and website provide secure login and provide updated information for the current transportation assignment. This allows us to help secure information so that only parents and guardians can access this information.


With the app and site in place, the transportation department has also stopped mailing postcards with bus times.  The app and site are the most current assignments and would be the best way to find information on your student(s) bus times.


** The week of October 12, 2020, the Bus Tracker App and Site will not reflect accurate times as our transportation team is working to re-route busses in preparation for the return to school 5 days a week on October 20, 2020

** Bus times for Second Quarter will be available on the app and site beginning on the afternoon of October 15, 2020.