Senior Picture/YB Information

  1. Deadline: Seniors pictures are due to Mrs. Frye via email by Friday, March 26,2021 at 
  2. Be sure to include the student's full name when the pictures is mailed.
  3. No hats- be sure face isn't covered
  4. Portrait style--headshot is best, others could end up being cropped.
  5. This year we are adding to the senior section of the yearbook...along with a senior picture (you can use the school issued picture if you don't get senior pictures taken) we are asking you to submit a FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN or a picture of you from that time frame! If you have any of you in little Monroe gear that is awesome, but if not, just a picture of ONLY YOU. These will be placed with your senior pictures. Again, we are wanting to get 75% of all seniors to submit pictures! AGAIN THIS IS DUE MARCH 26TH!
  6. Senior personal ads may be purchased via EZ pay for $30 for a 1/4 page ad.

     2021 Yearbooks are now on sale: Click the link below to order- Price is $50 thru December and will           increase after that.