2020-2021 Parking Permits

Student Parking Permits for the 2020-2021 school year will be on sale starting Monday, August 17th (Seniors Only) and then on Tuesday, August 18th for all students that have a valid driver's license.   Parking pass forms can be found on the high school portion of the Monroe Local Schools website in the quicklinks section or click link below.


Seniors Painting Spots: We will be allowing seniors that can show proof of a parking lot receipt from Mrs. Miller and an approved drawing to paint their spots. However, we will not be able to have a day where we all paint together. Parking passes are to be purchased for $25 in the HS office and are nonrefundable if we go remote. The Student Council will not be collecting money towards the paint and supplies but if you would like to purchase your paint from Lowe's you are permitted to do so. On average it will cost about $80 to gather the paint and supplies. (You may consider splitting the cost with a friend). The paint we used last year is Valspar outdoor paint that will cover asphalt. If you would like to paint your parking spot you need to submit your drawing and a picture of your parking pass receipt to me by Aug. 28th. The dates available to paint will be announced at a later time.

Monroe High School

Driving and Parking Regulations:

  1. NOTE-Students must pay ALL PREVIOUS YEAR school fee’s prior to purchasing a parking pass.
  2. ALL VEHICLES must be registered in the high school office. A parking pass costing $25.00 (no refunds) will be issued to each student.
  3. Vehicles must display high school parking pass on rear-view mirror.
  4. Vehicles must be properly parked in spaces designated for students (within yellow lines.) Students should not park so that they block another student
  5. Obey ALL traffic signs, instructions of staff members, and DO NOT EXCEED THE 10 MPH speed limit in the parking lot.
  6. Currently, there is one way in and one way out of the parking lot, the Natural Science Center is NOT to be used as an exit at
  7. Loitering in cars will NOT be permitted before, during or after school. An approved staff member must accompany students who need to return to their cars during school hours.
  8. All student vehicles must be covered by insurance. Monroe Local Schools is not responsible for the automobile or it’s contents.
  9. Arrive to school on time. Students who are chronically tardy, excused or unexcused will have their parking privileges revoked; tardies will accumulate by the quarter.
  10. All students are reminded that driving is a privilege, not a right. Any violation of the above rules, other school rules and civil laws may result in denial of parking privileges, and/or car being towed away or other appropriate disciplinary action.
  11. When students opt to drive to school and park their vehicles in the area designated MHS student parking, they assume responsibility for the vehicle and it’s contents. Vehicles located in the MHS student parking area may be subject to inspection by school personnel or law enforcement drug dogs if school personnel have a reasonable suspicion that drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or other illegal materials may be present.  My parents and I hereby give school officials and law enforcement personnel the right to inspect the vehicle I drive to school at any time there is a reasonable concern that drugs or other illegal items may be in the vehicle.  I also realize that I will be held personally responsible for any items found in the vehicle.