Preschool Remote Learning

Last week of Remote Learning!  Thanks for hanging in there with us during remote learning!

Download Remote Learning May 18-May 21.pdf

Download I SPY Zoo Animals.pdf


New Lessons for May 11th - May 15th

Download Remote Learning May 11-May 15.pdf

Download Literacy Worksheet letter o.pdf

Download Math Worksheet recognizing solid figures.pdf

Download letter_O.pdf


New Lessons for May 4th - May 8th

Download Remote Learning May 4-May 8.pdf

Download letter_E.pdf

Download Begins Like Elephant.pdf

Download Longer, shorter, same.pdf

Download Making Play Dough Snails.pdf

Download No Cook Play Dough Recipe.pdf

Download long longest remote.pdf

Download HomeLearningChoiceBoardsforPreschool1.pdf

Download Art and Movement.pdf


New Lessons for April 27th - May 1st

Download Remote Learning April 27-May 1 - Google Docs1.pdf

Download HomeLearningChoiceBoardsforPreschool (1).pdf

Download Art and Movement1.pdf

Download letter_K.pdf

Download Worksheet beginning sound k.pdf

Download Measurement Units.pdf

Download Measurement Scavenger Hunt - Google Docs.pdf

Download measurement-worksheet-which-is-shorter-2 remote.pdf

Download Activity Log.pdf


New Lessons for April 20-23rd and this week is a scavenger hunt!

Download Scavenger Hunt.pdf

Download Remote Learning April 20-23.pdf

Download HomeLearningChoiceBoardsforPreschool.pdf

Download Art and Movement.pdf

Download letter_C.pdf

Download Literacy Worksheet letter c.pdf

Download Flying Low1.pdf

Download On The Loose.pdf


New Lessons for April 13th-17th.  This week is also SPIRIT WEEK!

Download Remote Learning April 13-17.pdf

Download Spirit Week 4_13_20-2_17_20.pdf

Download Activity Log.pdf

Download HomeLearningChoiceBoardsforPreschool.pdf

Download Art and Movement.pdf

Download letter_B_worksheet.pdf

Download Begins Like Bird.pdf

Download CountingBackward.pdf

Download Math Worksheet matching numbers to sets.pdf


New lessons for the week of April 6th-9th.  Remember April 10th is a holiday!

Download Remote Learning April 6-9.pdf



Welcome to remote learning!  Please click on the links below.  Some of our resources cannot be posted on this site due to copyright laws.  Please check your emails for those items.  There are also YouTube videos to access in the email as well.  Please contact your child's teacher anytime if you have questions or concerns or just want to reach out.  They would love to hear from you.  

Remote Learning: March 30-April 3rd 

Download Remote Learning March 30-April 3.pdf

Download Animal sorting.pdf

Download build-a-shape-bear-color-PDF.pdf


Remote Learning: March 25th - March 27th

Download Preschool Remote Learning Parent Letter.pdf

Download MakingMyName.pdf

Download Number Flashcards.pdf

Download BasicShapesFlashcards.pdf

Download Activity Log.pdf