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-CAMP CAMPBELL GARD- Spend the morning revisiting a place from your elementary days, working to "wake up camp." This service project involves being outside on the campground, doing yard work and other tasks to get the grounds ready for camp season. (40 STUDENTS)

-WEST CHESTER HOSPITAL- Spend your morning serving those at West Chester Hospital in whatever capacity they need to be served: possibly visiting patients, organizing/cleaning/sorting, hosting activities, etc. More information is coming from here...but it is an awesome opportunity to get a look behind the scenes of the hospital. (30 STUDENTS)

-MONROE CITY PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT- Spend the morning right here in our own city, working to beautify and better our neighborhood, parks, etc. This project will include some manual labor. (50 STUDENTS)

-MT. PLEASANT- Spend the morning helping to serve a pancake breakfast and/or participate in other activities  and spend time with the residents at Mt. Pleasant. You will also be potentially helping out with little projects around the campus. (50 STUDENTS)

-OTHER LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS (INCLUDING THE SCHOOL BOARD OFFICE, ANY OF THE MONROE LOCAL SCHOOL BUILDINGS, LOCAL CHURCHES, LOCAL CLUBS)- This is a hodgepodge of service projects that need done, for example special projects with the board office or teachers in the buildings, serving local family and/or organizations needs, etc. Basically, be willing to serve in small groups with people right here in our community, doing whatever it is that they need done :)  (45 STUDENTS)