Senior Picture Information

Hey Seniors! Happy Last Semester of High School!! 
It's time to really start thinking about senior pictures and quotes! I pasted the information from my first email below so you know about deadlines! Also, be looking for the senior superlative email next week! If you have questions, let me know! 
**email pictures to
I wanted to send some information your way about the yearbook! 
1. The deadline for submitting your own senior portrait is TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 2020! If pictures are not received by this date, they will not be used in the yearbook! PICTURES MUST BE SUBMITTED DIGITALLY--either bring me an SD card or some other device or email your picture to me!! If your parents send me the picture, please make sure they put your name in the email somewhere. 
2. Pictures must meet school dress code...we reserve the right to ask for another picture if necessary. Nothing should be blocking your face/eyes in the picture. Also keep in mind that pictures will be cropped vertrically. Head/shoulder shots work best!
3. NO SELFIES OR PICTURES YOU TAKE ON YOUR PHONES. You would be surprised how many of these I get every year...
4. If you don't get senior pics done, no worries! We can use your id pictures from Lifetouch.
5. If you would like to have a senior picture done but you don't want to pay a lot of money for a just want a yearbook shot or two...please respond to this email. We have thought about setting up mini sessions as a fundraiser for those of you who want a 10 minute photo shoot for a super reasonable price. If the demand is there we will work on this as an option. 
6. SENIOR QUOTES: I know you all want to bring this back...only 3 times in 9 years have we done quotes and it's because they never get submitted. Honestly it is torture for me and my staff. SO HERE IS THE DEAL...You have until March 31 to submit a senior quote USING THE GOOGLE FORM I ATTACHED TO THIS EMAIL! If I do not receive at least a quote from at least 75% of the senior class, then quotes will not be in the yearbook! I would wait until at least the semester to submit if you are unsure what you want your quote to be...I will send reminders occasionally. So if this is something you are serious about then make sure your friends all submit quotes too! If you decided to change a quote you can edit after submitting, but please don't resubmit!