We Need Your Support

Dear Monroe Local Schools Stakeholder,

We were informed on Friday, May 10, 2019, that the House of Representatives proposed their version of the budget and it asked that the funding plan be studied for another two years and possibly implemented in the next State's Budget. They  have proposed no funding formula and schools continue to be funded the same amount as they were funded this year - therefore no increase in funding for any school.

Now the Senate is reviewing school funding and will make their own proposal.

For this reason it is important to send the following message or something similar to Senator Bill Coley and the Senators on the Education Committee.

 My name is ________________ and I am a (parent, teacher, tax payer, etc.) who (lives/works) in Monroe.  Reps. Cupp (R) and Patterson (D) have recently introduced their Fair School Funding plan.

Monroe Local Schools is capped in funding, receiving only 50% of the current funding formula. Monroe receives round $2,919.00 per student. School's just like us in wealth and enrollment receive  more than $4,000 per student, and yet our taxpayers pay the same State taxes as people in those other districts. We are not a wealthy district with a quarter of our students on free and reduced lunch.   I urge you to include the Cupp/Patterson School Funding Plan in the biennium budget or, if the Cupp/Patterson plan cannot be fully implemented in this budget cycle, to otherwise include meaningful steps to eliminate the gain caps which has an extreme impact on Monroe as well as other districts.


You can reach out via email (from a personal account), mail, or telephone using the contact information below:

Senator Bill Coley

Senate Building

1 Capitol Square, Room 140

Columbus, OH 43215   




Link to all the Senators on the Senate Education Committee and contact information:




Thank you for your continued support!