Fifth Grade Supply List 13-14

Fifth Grade Supply List 13-14

2 packages of pencils

2 ink pens (blue or black)

4 highlighters

6-8 dry erase markers

1 dry erase board eraser

Post-It notes

4 composition books

1   3-ring binders (1 1/2”)

1  3-ring binder (1”)

2 packages of loose leaf paper

pack of dividers (8)

1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, & 1 green folder w/pockets & prongs

4 glue sticks

boxes of tissue

quart size box of Ziploc baggies

Clorox wipes

Colored pencils


Cap erasers

Pencil pouch/bag/or box

Optional: USB flash drive for students to save their computer work

Other items that we could use in 5th grade include:

Construction paper

1 black Sharpie marker

Crayola markers

reams of white copy paper

Post-It note flags