Alice Drill

Dear Parents and Students,

On Thursday, November 8th we will be holding our next ALICE Drill. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate and we will be practicing all aspects of that acronym on the 8th. For this scenario, an easily recognizable employee will play the part of a “threat” in the building. At some point during the day that “threat” will enter a classroom (wearing identifying clothing) and shout instructions at the students and teacher. The “threat” will also bang two blocks of wood together to simulate the sound of gunfire. No one will know where or when the incident is taking place before it happens. Everyone will need to respond with the best decision for them based on the training they have already received. Below is an outline of what the responses to this incident should be. These responses could differ depending on the location, time, and type of threat. While we understand that the likelihood of an incident of this nature happening in our school is extremely low, we still believe that we must continue to train and prepare our students and staff for the possibility.

  • “Threat” enters a classroom and shouts instructions.
    • Students and teacher should NOT comply.
    • Students and teacher should Counter by throwing objects and attacking the threat. (Just pretend attack for this drill, we are not throwing any objects.)
  • “Threat” bangs wood pieces together to simulate the sound of gunfire.
    • Adjacent rooms should Lockdown and hide in the room.
      • Simulate Lockdown by placing a single desk in front of the door as a barricade.
  • Students and/or teachers in the adjacent rooms should Inform the school by calling the office.
    • In the event of a real emergency, someone would also call 911.
  • The office will make an announcement to where the “Threat” is located.
  • All people in the building will then make a decision to either Lockdown or Evacuate by exiting the building. This decision will depend on their proximity to the “Threat” and their confidence in knowing exactly where the “Threat” is in the building.
    • Students who choose to Evacuate will only run to their normal evacuation location for this drill.
    • In a real emergency, they would run until they feel that they are safe and reunify at a safe location.

If you have any questions about the ALICE Drill or school safety please contact our office.

Sincerely, Joe Ward-Principal Monroe Jr. High   Tom Prohaska-Principal Monroe High School

Nancy Straton-Principal Monroe Elementary  Brad Jackson SRO Monroe PD  

Aaron Ledford SRO Monroe PD