Fiscal Oversight Commission

The Monroe Board of Education met with the Fiscal Oversight Commission on March 27th, 2013 at the Monroe Elementary School, in a joint work session. Dr. Phil Cagwin stated that “it provided an opportunity to discuss all of the difficult decisions that Monroe’s Board has dealt with over this year, and going back to the end of last school year, to right the ship while maintaining an excellent school district”.  Both groups discussed transportation, special education services, sharing services with the City of Monroe,  and they listened to a presentation by the  Auditor of State’s Office.


The Board and the Commission approved borrowing $427,000 from the State this June to further assist in financial recovery, and are requesting to repay the debt back in FY 2015.   District officials believe this will be the last time the District will have to borrow from the State. Brett Guido, Board Member, asked the Commission  if there was anything else that the Commission thinks the school board should do?  After looking to the members of the commission, Roger Hardin, Chairman of the Commission,  answered  “nothing at all … . this board has done everything possible they can to recover as quickly as possible from this unfortunate circumstance”.