MES Solar Eclipse 8-21-17 Information

On Monday, August 21st we will be in school while a total solar eclipse takes place. All students will have the opportunity to view this event safely through NASA's livestreaming. A few of our classes will be going outside to view the event. Their teacher will be providing the approved safety glasses for the students. Permission slips will be coming home with those classes. These must be completed and turned in prior to Monday, so your child can participate. During the time of the eclipse we will not be going outside for recess or other outside activites. We do have our regular dismissal during the time of the eclipse though, so we will be reviewing safety measures with students. The information we will share can be found at and Please review these with your child to help us ensure their safety during dismissal. Below is some more information about the event:

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA  (View animation of the eclipse)

Partial solar eclipse visible (91.39% coverage of Sun)

Duration: 2 hours, 50 minutes, 31 seconds

  • Partial begins: August 21 at 1:01:36 pm

  • Maximum: August 21 at 2:29:00 pm

  • Partial ends: August 21 at 3:52:07 pm