Important Immunization News for Parents of 2018 Seniors

The Ohio Department of Health requires all students to show proof they have received TWO doses of the MCV4 vaccine (Meningococcal) before starting 12th grade.  (only one dose is required if received on or after student’s 16th birthday) Please provide your child’s MCV4 immunization records to the school clinic by August 1, 2017 or prior to the first day of 12th grade.  Students not in compliance with the immunization laws must be excluded from school according to the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Health.

MCV4 vaccines may be administered by your child's doctor, Urgent Care Offices, Krogers Little Clinics or local health departments. To schedule an immunization appointment at the Butler County Health Department, please call 513-887-5253.  Please contact Alisha Bower RN if you have any questions at 513-360-0526 or