Elementary Read-a-Thon


(Optional Activity)
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Graders
Let’s Read!

How does it work:
1. Read (or be read to) for 10 days between Feb. 23– March 6 

2. Read 24 minutes a day (for 10 days).  This will equal 4 hours over the 10 day period. 
     (Of course, you can read as many days starting on Feb. 23rd and as much as you want.) 

3. Get sponsors to pledge their support for your reading.  They can give a flat donation OR they
     can sponsor you per hour that you read.  // Suggestion: IF you get a sponsor to give a dollar
     for each hour you read you could collect $4.00 from each sponsor.  Get 6 sponsors and you 
     would collect $24.00  It totals up quickly.  Of course the more sponsors you get, the more
     money you collect. **Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors that you know make great sponsors.  DO NOT collect pledges from someone you or your parents do not know.  It is not safe and in no way encouraged by this school.

 Important Read-a-Thon Dates

Before Feb. 23          Collect pledges (sponsors/flat donations)                                                    Feb. 23 – March 6      READ, READ, READ –at least 24 minutes aday                                        (Enter minutes on your reading log attached & return with pledges.)
March 6-7                 Collect all money pledged in Read-a-thon envelope/baggie

Bring collected pledges to school in the envelope provided by March 8.

Any money brought in after March 8 will not count towards class or individual prizes (explained on back of this sheet).

The money earned by the read-a-thon will support the Scholastic Book Fair program All for Books.  Scholastic matches the money we collect with a book donation to 2 nonprofit organizations that gives families more access to books.  With the money collected the school will purchase books for our students, our classrooms, the library and to fund visiting authors.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at dterbush@monroelocalschools.com. Thanks to all for your continued support.