Community Flyers
This is the place to find school and non-school related community events and information that benefit students. All the non-school notices below were submitted by organizations to keep your family updated about opportunities; the Monroe Local School District does not endorse or sponsor these activities.

School Sponsored Flyers


Non-School Sponsored Flyers

Classroom Antics 2021 Flyer.pdf

YMCA Spring 2021.pdf

Wee Hornet Sign-ups 2021.pdf

YMCA Summer Baseball_Basketball.pdf



 these activities/events are not sponsored by the  Monroe Local School District)



Would you like to post information on our community flyer space? The District accepts submissions from local non-profit and for-profit organizations with a flier or brochure that promotes a social, recreational, or educational benefit to children and families. To ensure the appropriateness of the material, the district may refuse to post flyers or request the material be edited.

Click HERE to submit your organization's flyer for consideration.