Facility Rentals

Monroe Local Schools Steps to Renting School Facilities


1) Review Appropriate background documentation.

a. Board of Education Policy 7510 (attached or available at: http://www.monorelocalschools.com)

b. Administrative Guideline 7510a (attached or available at: http://www.monroelocalschools.com)


2) Check with appropriate scheduling person to determine availability of space desired.

a. Auditorium‐ Stage Manager

b. HS/JH/Elem Media Center‐ Media Specialist

c. Any Athletic Facility‐ Athletic Director

d. All other spaces‐ Building Principal Once you have determined the date for your rental is available it will be held for two weeks while you secure appropriate insurance documentation and get formal approval.


3) Complete the request for facility use form and submit it to either the Business Manager or Athletic Director with documentation from your insurance carrier. This document should match the levels of coverage listed in 7510a and list the district as an additional insured. Any application without Proof of Insurance will not be considered.


4) Once you have received the approved form back your application is complete. Please understand that even though your date has been secured you are still subject to the cancellation and change provisions listed in 7510a.


5) Any additional set‐up or staffing that is needed will be worked out with the stage manager, athletic director, media specialist or building principal.


6) Approximately one week after your event you will be billed for any charges. All charges must be paid within 30 days.


Updated Facility Policy (PDF)

Facility Use Form (PDF)

Facility Use Guidelines (PDF)