The mission of the Treasurer’s Office is to provide fiscal accountability and professional integrity in financial accounting and reporting, to protect taxpayer funds and support District initiatives.

Monroe LSD, with the help of the community, continues to improve financially. We ended the fiscal year on June 30,  2019  with healthy reserves, but continue to renew and add programs carefully cognizant of our budget and resources. Monroe LSD is capped by the State in funding, meaning the District should receive $14,000,000 from the State but only receives $7,000,000.  This adds a financial burden to our local taxpayers, and we are working to fix this inequity. 

We are proud of the award we received in  June, 2019 from Keith Faber, the Ohio State Auditor. for the FY 2018 Audit. The award was given in recognition of the District for achieving financial integrity. Again, with the help of the community, we took a number of actions to eliminate fiscal emergency status and conditions that led to fiscal problems. We now have strong systems in place for financial accounting and reporting, and effective controls over assets and liabilities which will serve our Board, leadership, staff and students well in the coming years. 

We value the community’s trust in us and while the education of our students is paramount in all decisions we make, we perform a cost to benefit analysis before implementing any new program or expand services. We are dictated in many ways by State mandates and are impacted by decisions made in Columbus regarding the State’s funding of schools. However we strive for efficiencies that allow us to meet those mandates, without compromising our financial integrity.

In FY 2001, this community passed an 8.86 mill levy without the State’s help, to build their own school for their children. Above all we respect and stay focused on that commitment and passion for education in Monroe.  

Holly J. Cahall, CPA
Treasurer, Monroe Local Schools


The Treasurer's Office is responsible for providing oversight and administration of the following functions: 

  • Financial accounting and reporting
  • Financial projections and monitoring
  • Managing the budgeting process/ monitoring and reporting
  • Administration of payroll and reporting
  • Administration of human resources including benefit administration
  • Audit coordination and management
  • Property and inventory accounting
  • Investment and debt management
  • Federal, State, Local government reporting and compliance