Pick Up Procedure

Routine Pick Up Sign Up Sheet.pdf


If you are picking up your child and they are not signed up as a routine car rider, you will need to send a note with your child specifying that they will be a car rider and list who will be picking them up. If something arises during the day and you did not send a note, you will need to call the office (513-539-8101) PRIOR TO 3:00 P.M. so we can notify your child and your child's teacher of the change in transportation.

You DO NOT need to come into the office to sign out your child unless you need them for an early dismissal. You will follow the car rider procedures described in the traffic flow information below. You will follow the #121-160 group routine with dismissal beginning at 3:40 p.m. Please do not enter the school lot until at that time. The students will just be leaving the classroom then, so they won't be outside to be picked up until after 3:40. We have multiple group pick ups to ensure our students' safety, traffic flow and instructional time, so don't be alarmed if you see cars line up earlier. 

Map:   MES Traffic Flow Information.pdf

Elementary Pick  Up

Please follow our pick up guidelines:

  1. Adhere to your entry times (#1-40 & #81-120 Groups 3:35/#41-80 & #121-160 Groups 3:40). This means that you don’t enter the hill until at that time or slightly after that timeIt is not beneficial to come early, because your students are still in class. The times listed are the times they are leaving their classroom. They won’t actually be down at that time. It will depend on their classroom location. We are trying to keep as much instructional time as possible. 

    **It is very important that the Matson Learning Center/Media Center (Jr./Sr. High lot) pick up area not enter the lot prior to 3:35. We DO NOT want a line until that time because we block the entrance to the building. If you arrive early pull in an empty spot until time to get in line. We appreciate your help!

  3. If you are in the line at the wrong time we will ask that you circle around. 
  4. Please hold up or display your number. This will be especially important in inclement weather, as we will be calling into the building for those students to exit. Also remind your child of their number, so they can know when they are called. If your child is not a routine car rider, they will be responsible for watching for you and alerting the staff member that you are here. 
  5. Please utilize both lanes in the parking lot to ensure we keep cars off the hill.
  6. Please pull all the way to the front of the dashed pick up area, so we can load multiple cars at a time.
  7. If possible, please have your students enter the car from the sidewalk side.
  8. DO NOT get out of your cars. 
  9. Please be respectful and considerate as cars enter and exit the lot. All of you are trying to pick up your child safely and get home as quickly as possible. We, as a staff, will do our best to ensure that your child is safe, but also trying to keep this process quick for all involved.

Please call the office (513-539-8101) if you routinely pick up your child and are unsure which group they are in.