**important 2016 Washington Trip DC NEWS

There will be a FINAL PARENT meeting on Monday, April 18th from 6:30-8:00PM in the school auditorium.  This is the week before students will leave for the trip.  THIS MEETING IS MANDATORY!!  AT LEAST ONE PARENT must attned.  WE recommend the student come, but it is not mandatory.   At this meeting, you will receive an itinerary, packing list hotel/bus/rooming information, and food selections.  Students will also receive their 3 t-shirts for the trip.  ALL SCHOOL FEE'S MUST BE PAID BEFORE WE LEAVE FOR THIS TRIP.  IF ANY FEE'S ARE LEFT UNPAID, STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO ON THE TRIP.  **All medical permit forms are due by April 1st. The medication can be turned into the school nurse a week or two before we leave for the trip.  (This pertains to any prescribed or over the counter medication and a doctor must sign off on the form.)