MUM CCP Spring Registration Info

Miami Univerity Middletown CCP Spring 2016 Registration Info
Current MUM CCP Students:
Registration begins on Friday, November 13. 
Registration takes place via small groups: students must call to schedule an appointment for one of the listed small group registrations.
The times and days are on a first come, first served basis.
The phone number to schedule these appointments is: 513.727.3440.
New CCP Students (Applied to MUM CPP by Nov 1st, 2015):
New CCP students will attend an Orientation at MUM on Monday, December 14, from 4pm-8:30pm. Students will learn more about class registration at this meeting.
Students should register to take the COMPASS test as soon as possible after receiving their admission letter.
They must take the test prior to Orientation (Dec 14th).