Jr. High Volleyball Undefeated

The 8th grade volleyball team has completed an incredible 2 year run. Starting together as 7th graders they finished their regular season undefeated and marched through the SWBL Jr. High Volleyball Tournament undefeated.  Coming into their 8th grade season expectations were high. Coach Mindy Hilen and the girls were up to the task.  They finished their 2 year streak Saturday at Milton Union to bring home their second SWBL Championship.

They have won over 30 consecutive volleyball games and look forward to joining the high school team next year. Congratulations to players: Paige Betzler, Jennah  Blair, Chynna Brandon, Leah Fugate, Lauren Hatton, Holly Lawson, Kinsleigh Sabo, Katie Sloneker, Sophie Sloneker, Ashley Turner, Emma Caskey, Hailey Jordan, Coach Mindy Hilen and supporters of Monroe Jr. High Volleyball.