NOTICE: Post Varsity Football Game Traffic Flow Information

In an effort to better assist our fans and community members during the departure from our campus following home Varsity Football games, the below traffic flow pattern will be utilized beginning on Friday, September 27, 2019. 

Please notice:

  • Traffic coming from the Elementary School Bus Lot, Front Elementary Lot and Front High School Lot towards Hornet Drive will be directed down Hornet Drive where traffic can go north (towards Todhunter Road) or south (towards State Route 63) on Yankee Road. 
  • Traffic coming from the back staff lot and the High School Bus Lot will be directed through the Butler Tech Natural Science Center where traffic will exit going west bound on State Route 63 only. 

Access through the Butler Tech Natural Science Center is only for the post game exiting of the facility and will not be available for regular use - it will only be available when exiting from home Varsity Football games. 

Event staff in conjunction with the Monroe Police Department will assist in helping to ensure a smooth departure from the facility.