Coach Tim Kellis Wins 100th Career Game

On Monday, April 1st the Varsity Softball game vs. Brookville was no joking matter. Looking for their first conference win of the season, the Hornets also had another goal on their minds, earning Head Coach Tim Kellis' 100th career victory at the helm of the Monroe Softball program.

Mission accomplished. 

The Hornet defeated Brookville by a score of 7-1 and Coach Kellis was quickly rewarded with balloons and a keepsake recognizing this accomplishment from his family and players. 

Said Coach Kellis about this career milestone, "over the past 6+ years God has blessed me with a tremendous opportunity of being able to work and coach so many great young softball players but more importantly some truly wonderful young ladies. Young ladies that cared about the game of softball and cared about others. Young ladies that gave all they had for the good of elevating the softball program at Monroe High School. This past Monday a milestone was reached in which I was recognized for, however, the true recognition belongs to all the players that made a contribution over the past 6+ years. It is not about me, it is about them. They made it possible, they made the plays, they put in the work."
Additionally Coach Kellis shared, "my wonderful wife, a true gift from God, commemorated the milestone with a trophy and a game ball," and he is asking that every player and assistant coach, both past and present sign the ball noting, "I can't ever thank these guys enough".
Coach Kellis will have the ball at all of the team's games this year and former players and coaches can stop by the field and sign it. Coach Kellis concluded,  "this milestone is a PROGRAM milestone and should be remembered that way. I love all of them so much and Thank God that he placed them in my life and the life of my family."