Incentive changes

Dear Monroe Junior High Parents,


For the last three years, Monroe Junior High School has implemented an Incentive program that was designed to reward students for meeting their teachers’ expectations on a daily basis. While there have been minor changes to the program over the years, the basis of it has stayed the same. Students earn signatures for breaking classroom or school rules. This includes things like talking out of turn, missing homework, being unprepared for class, class disruptions, or any other violation of the Student Code of Conduct. While we have been successful adjusting student behavior with this program, we have also run into some problems that mostly revolve around assignment completion. Our goal is to motivate students to complete their work so that they master the curriculum, and so far, the incentive program has had limited success in this area. So, we have decided to make a change to the program with the hopes of improving this problem area. Starting now, students will no longer receive a signature for missing assignments. Instead, students who do not complete assignments will be assigned to Lunch Detention for that day or the following day if it occurs in the afternoon. Lunch Detention will be held in the back of the cafeteria during normal lunch time. Teachers may also keep students in their classroom if they choose to do so. Students will also stay in Lunch Detention for as many days as needed until the assignment has been completed. The hope is that this new program will motivate students to get their work completed in a timely fashion so they can avoid losing their lunch time. The rest of the Incentive program will remain the same, and this will also allow us to focus the it only on classroom and school behavior. Teachers will be speaking to all of their classes about this new program on the first day back from winter break. Please contact me with any questions.




Joe Ward


Monroe Junior High School