Athletic Department Partners with Slam Dunk Sports Marketing

The Monroe Jr./Sr. High School Athletic Department has partnered with Slam Dunk Sports Marketing out of Middletown, Ohio to assist in securing advertising at the Monroe Hornet Stadium, Baseball Field and Softball Field. 
As part of the agreement, Slam Dunk Sports Marketing will assist is securing sponsorship for advertisements on the scoreboard at Monroe Hornet Stadium. As part of this project, new advertisement panels will replace older existing panels, LED up-lighting will be added to illuminate the advertisements and a new truss will be added to give the scoreboard a new, refreshed look.
Additionally, new 9-inning scoreboard's will be installed at the Baseball and Softball Fields replacing the current scoreboards that have had been plagued with operational issues over the past several years. Slam Dunk Sports Marketing will also secure sponsorship advertising that will be mounted below the new scoreboards at the Baseball and Softball Fields. Finally, trusses matching that at Hornet Stadium will be placed atop the new Baseball and Softball Scoreboards. 
The entire project will be completed with the revenue generated by the sale of the scoreboard advertisements and with no tax-payer dollars! 
Shared Monroe High School Athletic Director, "this is an exciting time and project for us as we're able to utilize the advertising opportunities at our facilities to enhance our athletic facilities for our student-athletes at no cost to our community."
Based out of Middletown, Ohio, Slam Dunk Sports Marketing was founded in 2003 and since then has helped over 400 schools receive athletic equipment utilizing our sponsorship program and assisted over 1000 schools with athletic equipment purchases.