Teachable Moments Newsletter from ODE

Each month ODE sends a newsletter that is intended to be used as a parental resource. The newsletter is a link to useful tips to empower parents to raise their children to be substance-free.

This month's newsletter can be found by following the link below:

Teachable Moments 11-27-17.pdf

Teachable Newsletter 10-1-17 - End Bullying.pdf

Teachable Newsletter  8-23-17 - Increases-Risk-1.pdf

Teachable Newsletter 5-22-17.pdf

Teachable Moments 5-8-17.pdf 

Teachable Moments 8-15-16 (PDF)

Teachable Moments 8-29-16 (PDF)

Teachable Moments 9-12-16 (PDF)

Teachable Moments 9-26-16 (PDF)


A permanent link to each month's newsletter can be found here:

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