Teachable Moments Newsletter from ODE

Each month ODE sends a newsletter that is intended to be used as a parental resource. The newsletter is a link to useful tips to empower parents to raise their children to be substance-free.

The May 22 issue of the newsletter addresses the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The newsletter is intended to bring awareness of the show's content so that families may make an informed decision about the appropriate age of viewers in their household.

This month's newsletter can be found by following the link below:

Teachable Newsletter 5-22-17.pdf

Teachable Moments 5-8-17.pdf 

Teachable Moments 8-15-16 (PDF)

Teachable Moments 8-29-16 (PDF)

Teachable Moments 9-12-16 (PDF)

Teachable Moments 9-26-16 (PDF)


A permanent link to each month's newsletter can be found here:

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