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Besides local property taxes, schools rely on State funding to operate. The State of Ohio funds schools according to a formula based on enrollment and the wealth of the District. However Monroe Local Schools is a school on the "Gain Cap". This means that because of our growing enrollment, the funding formula indicates we should receive $14 million dollars from the State. However, we are "Capped" and only receive $7 million. The current law only allows Monroe to receive 4% over what we received the year before. Some schools receive MORE than the formula.  The reason for this is to balance the State's budget. However, we have been capped every year since 2014, and we now receive only 55% of what the formula says. Out of 612 schools in Ohio, we are within the top 1% of districts negatively impacted by the cap. We have joined a consortium of 40 other schools to advocate for change at the State level.  Please see the document at the link below for more information.   

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Capped Funding Update 4/22/19

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