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Each year, sophomores at Monroe have the opportunity to attend the Career Day Field Trip at a Butler Tech campus of their choice. After the field trip, if a student is interested in attending Butler Tech, he/she will complete an online application (found on the Butler Tech website). In the spring semester, Butler Tech will then interview the student and send the student a letter or email letting the student know if he/she is accepted into the Butler Tech program. 

For the 2017-18 School Year, the Career Day field trip will be held on November 30th, 2017. Sophomores who want to attend must turn in a field trip permission form and choose the campus he/she wants to attend on the following website: https://www.butlertech.org/Monroe/

Download Butler Tech Application Process.pdf

Butler Tech consists of these four campuses:

D. Russel Lee

Bioscience Center

School of the Arts

Natural Science Center

Butler Tech 10th Grade Academy 

"Butler Tech, in collaboration with its 10 partner school districts, is proud to offer a new option to recapture students’ imaginations – and give them a renewed sense of passion and purpose. The Butler Tech 10th Grade Academy will bridge the gap between “what” and “why.” Rather than just learning science or math, students will have hands-on experiences that cement those learnings in a more practical manner."