Monroe Seniors

This webpage is designed to share information with students and parents in regards to Senior year. 

School Counselors are meeting with Monroe Seniors during the month of September to discuss information related to senior year. Below are the dates that these meetings will occur:

September 5th:
  • Butler Tech seniors at DRL and School of the Arts
September 10th & 11th
  • 1st period: Mrs. Norsworthy's 1st pd. class
  • 2nd period: Mr. Spivey's English students (all students who are in CBIP for English)
  • 3rd period: Mrs. Frye's 3rd pd. class & Mrs. Norsworthy's 3rd pd class
  • 5th period: Mrs. Norsworthy's 5th pd. class, Mrs. Yalich's 5th pd class
  • 8th period: Mrs. Norsworthy's 8th pd class, Mrs. Richardson & Mrs. Thornton's English classes 
September 12th:
  • Butler Tech Seniors at Bioscience Center and Natural Science Center
September 16th: 
  • 1st & 2nd period: Senior CCP students who take English off campus (at a local college or online). Location to be announced soon!

In these meetings, counselors will discuss the following topics with seniors:

  • Important Dates
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Review transcripts
  • Career and College Planning (workforce, military, adult education, college)
  • The college application process
  • FAFSA (Financial Aid form)
  • Scholarships
  • Naviance 
    • how to use it for career and college searches
    • how to request a transcript in Naviance
    • how to request a letter of recommendation in Naviance
    • how to link the Common App to Naviance
  • NCAA/NAIA Requirements
  • Testing (ACT/SAT) Dates and Times

During this meeting, a version of the packet and handout listed below are given to each senior. This packet is also available for seniors on Naviance.


Download Seniors Packet 2019-20.pdf

Important dates for Senior year:


 Below is the Presentation that was given at the Senior Parent Night on 9/21/18:

  Download HS Night Financial Aid Presentation -Monroe HS- 09202018.pdf