College Credit Plus (CCP)

College Credit Plus (CCP)

Ohio’s new College Credit Plus can help you earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students. Taking a college course from a public college or university College Credit Plus is free. That means no cost for tuition, books or fees. If you choose to attend a private college or university, you may have limited costs. -Ohio Board of Regents

College Credit Plus includes any course that is offered through a college or university. These include dual enrollment courses offered at Monroe, and any courses students would take at an actual university or online (formally known as PSEO courses). 

Powerpoint presentation given at Monroe's CCP Meeting on January 22nd and 23rd:  Download 2020-21 Monroe CCP Information Session.pdf


Monroe students show follow the steps outlined in this document to apply for CCP: CCP Application Process at Monroe (PDF)

  • Students taking DE Anatomy & Physiology at Monroe need to apply to University of Cincinnati Uptown's CCP Program
  • Students taking ENG 101, ENG 103, LIT 200 or DE Spanish at Monroe need to apply to Cincinnati State's CCP Program
For more information on College Credit Plus, check out the Board of Regents website at:

Download Important Information & Rules About CCP.pdf

The following is a Parent Guide on CCP:


***As a reminder, students should fill out their scheduling forms at Monroe as though they will be at Monroe for the entire school day. Once a student is admitted into a college or university's CCP program and their classes are registered, we will then modify their Monroe schedule. 



Miami University Middletown

University of Cincinnati  

University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

Cincinnati State