Thanks for taking a look at our district webpage!  I am excited for another great school year, and planning on the 2017/18 school year being one of Monroe’s very best!  I have been fortunate to serve as the superintendent of the Monroe Local Schools since 2012.  While we have accomplished a great deal in the past five years, we remain focused on being better every single day.

I have realized that we have five school board members who are focused primarily on doing what is best for our Monroe students.  We are blessed with a tremendously talented and dedicated administrative team, faculty and staff.  Our community has steadfastly supported its local public schools.  And finally, our student body is absolutely fantastic!  Their parents/grandparents have taught them to respect themselves and others.  They are compassionate and caring.  It is commonplace for them to say please, thank you, and even excuse me!  

We do have our challenges, as our student enrollment has grown steadily.  Monroe separated from the Middletown City Schools in 2000.  In the fall of 2002, we saw an enrollment of 1,433 students.  As of the first week of school this year, we have 2,830 students.  Our two school buildings are operating at more than capacity.  We are using every available classroom, and have converted other spaces into classrooms.  We have some teachers who must travel from room to room whenever a teacher is on a planning period.  Our class sizes are higher than I would like, some at or approaching 30.  

Obviously our school board is aware of our crowded conditions and is working with the Ohio Facilities Commission on partnering on a new school building in Monroe.  Currently we qualify for 42% matching funds from the State of Ohio for the construction of a new school.  We will be communicating with our community this fall about our plans and ask for their support.  

As you may already be aware, I announced my plans to retire at the end of this school year to faculty and staff on the first teacher orientation day in August.  It was a difficult decision to make, but I have six grandchildren growing up too quickly in St. Louis and Denver.  I also have a wonderful wife of 42 years who loves to travel, so I recognize it is time to spend more time with her and my family.

While I will miss my Hornet family, I leave knowing they are focused on kids, and will do everything in their power to help them prepare for a successful and fulfilling life after graduating from Monroe High School.  I hope that I have helped with the growth of our Monroe students, faculty and staff and wish for them only the best.